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04:14am 15/11/2005
mood: contemplative
So... Shinya's healing.

I...really, really can't think of anything to say right now. My entire world was toppled upside down and back within a few minutes and most of it was admittedly my fault. Pot aided some actions but, hey, sometimes you need a good hit.

Just...one thing.
I love you guys. All of you. I adore you all (even though SOMETOTCHIONE could be around a bit more) and I treasure all of you as my best and only friends in the entire world. If I lost any of you, that world would shatter - loosing one of you would break my head to small pieces.

That said:
I'm in love with Shinya, whether or not anyone approves of it (including YOU, Shinya).

So. Uh. Deal with it.

Yeah. That was me standing up for myself. Seriously, guys. It's not something I planned or conned into being. He doesn't love me, we've talked about it, we're both good with each other. And, oh yeah, still love him.

Kudos there, right?

Someone, anyone, call me. We all have to reconnect. I don't wanna loose anyone.
Mmm... High holy hell it's been a long time since I've written in this thing.   
03:46pm 06/11/2005
  I've been busy, in both the "busy" sense and actually being busy. I'm sore too. @_@ Just less so because...well, since I can walk around without wincing... *shrug*

The animals are good, Miyu is still a fucking rat and...I ran into Kirito. It was fucking weird. Kinda creepy. He said some things I'd prefer not to think about, nor dwell on. Kohta isn't any of my fucking business and Kirito should know DAMN WELL to keep his fucking fairy, queer ass quiff mouth shut.

On an Added/Related note: My animal socks kick all your asses. Fuck you. They're fucking amazing.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get kisses and cuddles and hopefully drag Shin out into public for some food.
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02:04am 17/10/2005
  ...remember, Kyo.

It was just sex. Nothing else...no emotionas. just tell yourself it was only sex.

...sex is worthless anyway.
01:09am 17/10/2005
mood: estatic
Ice cream makes the world go round.

Ice cream ice cream, yay~~

See, Shin? I'm fine. Die fucking me and then Kaoru told him he cared for HIM and then Die and I breaking up so Kaoru could be happy TOO isn't affecting me at all.

Hurrah for the day.
12:40am 16/10/2005
mood: speechless

I'm really, really happy today.

Just... yeah.

Ramen shops are my god.

...that's all, really.

Call me, Die. Kao.... Ace Ventura? >_> Really?

Shin. We should talk, man. You've been silent.
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01:13am 14/10/2005
  ...I kissed Die.
Holy FUCK.
I fucking kissed DIE.

WHY?! Hes one of my best friends, we promised fucking Kaoru! I don't like breaking promises to Kaoru! I <3 Kaoru like...but...


WTF is wrong with me?!

We were just..just sitting there and I was helping him relax and there was talking and laughing and...and I kissed him.
Why the fuck didn't he just hit me?! He should've hit me. It would've stopped.
He kissed me again. Back. Whatever. I mean..it could've just been his 'quota' for boy kissing in his life but...

...I kissed DIe...

...I liked it
Mmph. Die Makes a good pillow.   
08:01am 13/10/2005
  Sorry about falling asleep last night, persons. I was jsut tired, I suppose, more then usual, and die's a really good pillow. But after Kaoru skulked off and Totchi went to sleep, Die woke me up. We had some pizza and talked.

It was nice to talk without YOU GUYS flipping out about random shit, let me tell you what.

We should do the talking/eating/lounging thing more, Die. And other persons? You should learn hoooooow.

Like Kaoru said, though. Love you all, remember that.

Still think you're all assholes most of the time.

And Totchi? THIS(http://www.petoffice.co.jp/mbl/ph/zukan/mini300jpg/gerbil.jpg) is a gerbil.
You have a guinea pig. Feed it Timothy Hay, veggies, fruits, VITAMIN C.

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10:00am 10/10/2005
  I' m thinking about getting a gerbil.
With spots.

Anyone have any other ideas for pets for teh Kyo to get?

No rats.
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09:35pm 09/10/2005
mood: ROWR
i ttly got an lj! Hurrah! Now i can bitch about my life and my friends and how i want to slit my wrists because im 13 and haventkissed a boi. :( Waaa. I suck and I'm fat.

Die's the fat one.
So. I got a livejournal. Don't I feel smart. I've melded into the masses of the people who've shoved their hearts and souls onto the internet world.
....think if I write enough in here, when Die kills me for calling him fat, they'd be able to clone my thoughts and emotions into a new body?
Kaoru, make sure they clone my thoughts and emotions! Make a new me~! A taller me, but make sure I still hate Shinyas rat.
Fucking rats.

Anyway. Warumono out.
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